Late views

Well the season’s drawing to a close but this time of year is such a lovely time to visit Kalkan, the weather’s still warm and the crowds have gone and you still get a lot for your £ here with a favourable exchange rate. Just to demonstrate how lovely the place is check out these pictures taken by a local Facebooker @LoveKalkan who took these images within the last couple of weeks. We spotted them and thought you’d like to see the local flora, a night time view of the still active old town, a returning fishing boat  and a super view across to the Kalamar Islands from the Yelken cafe and bistro on the west side of Kalkan.

And if you can’t make it this month then do think about making a booking for this time next year. 2020 charges are shown on the site – they are still incredibly affordable – and we have loads of availability. You could be enjoying this lovely setting in our beautiful villa…


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