Our local agent Karyn

We’ve known Karyn for about 16 years now and she runs a successful business in Kalkan managing and buying/selling properties. She is a great friend and since 2009 Karyn has done a super job managing day-to-day arrangements at Villa Kingfisher for us. Her role has grown over the years and now Karyn undertakes many key functions which our guests constantly tell us are highly appreciated. Simply put Karyn manages to:

  • handle/respond to most of the early questions posed by our prospective clients including booking availability, special requirements, travel queries etc;
  • follow up on booking confirmations sending guests booking forms and handling financial transactions and detailed enquiries on flights, transfers etc;
  • send clients confirmation of initial and balance/deposit payments;
  • arrange transfers for guests from Dalaman airport to the the villa;
  • arrange key hand-over to guests;
  • arrange welcome packs for guests and any additional pre-arrival shopping;
  • arrange daily bread deliveries;
  • oversee the maid-cleaning and linen/towel replacement service and pool and garden service;
  • liaison with guests either popping in to check if all is OK or happily meeting guests at her office in the village;
  • arrange trips and events for clients
  • arrange any maintenance issues;
  • handle check-out and inventory check;
  • handle deposit returns;
  • deal with all client feedback.

Phew! Basically Karyn is our (wo)man in Havana and your best friend in Kisla/Kalkan. We couldn’t manage without her and we can’t think of a single guest who hasn’t thanked us for her contribution to making their holiday go so smoothly.

If you’d like to get in touch with Karyn on any issue about villa Kingfisher just use the comment/enquiry form and get in touch.

Lovely Karyn

It’s possible that some of you may like to know more about her own business in property sales. If so check out her website here.

Finally, you may be pleased to learn that Karyn comes from a talented literary family. Oh yes. Not only is Karyn herself an accomplished proof reader and editor but several members of her family are noted writers. And the latest to be published is Karyn’s mother, Moira Rutherford, whose newly-available paperback book is entitled ‘Just Josh’, a true story of a Turkish street dog’s struggle to survive and the experiences he encounters on his journey to his eventual home in Holland. It’s attracting rave reviews and is available to purchase here on the lulu.com website. Enjoy!