A good news story!

So it’s a difficult time for all of us at the moment and we just keep praying that this pandemic will be overcome sooner rather than later. Whilst we all wait patiently for a return to something like normality we thought we’d share a good news story with you springing out of Turkey and it’s about this stuff, a unique hand sanitiser…

It’s called Kolonya and traditionally, this sweet-scented aroma made with fig blossoms, jasmine, rose or citrus ingredients is sprinkled on guests’ hands as they enter homes, hotels and hospitals; when they finish meals at restaurants; or as they gather for religious services. But unlike other natural scents, its high alcohol content can kill more than 80% of germs and act as a really effective hand disinfectant. And now kolonya is being increasingly used as a protection against coronavirus because it breaks down the virus’ hard shell allowing the body’s natural anti-bodies to attack the cell.

Visitors to Turkey and many of our guests have probably encountered a bottle of kolonya in upscale restaurant bathrooms or had it offered to them at the end of a long bus ride/boat trip etc. Our lovely local agent Karyn and several other friends we know report that sales of the product are going through the roof, whilst production is being ramped up. Karyn tells us that people are using it liberally, even sprinkling money with it which just seems entirely sensible.

We’re betting it won’t be long before bottles of the lovely scent are appearing in UK stores and if you see some, maybe you should buy a bottle (especially with the higher alcohol levels at around 80%) and further protect yourself and your family. And at the same time give yourself a moment to think about Turkey and hopefully plan that lovely holiday you always promised yourselves here.

If you’d like to read more about this fab product you might like to check out this very interesting feature on kolonya published on the BBC’s travel website written by Jenna Scatena. It’s a good read with lots of background which I hope you enjoy.

Stay safe and stay well folks.


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