Now everybody’s different. Some people choose holidays in vibrant cities, some like to be constantly on the move experiencing new places and things every day. Some like action breaks putting their bodies through all sorts of thrilling tests. Some like solitude. We think this young man might fit into that category but he also clearly likes a challenge. We found this amazing video of him building a jungle home simply out of natural materials. It’s so inspirational…

But as holidays go…well it’s not our thing. All we can offer you at Villa Kingfisher is a beautifully-equipped home in a fabulous location with a cooling pool and relaxing sun terraces, stunning views, glorious weather and all based just minutes away from one of the Med’s most chic destinations with an amazing choice of eateries and within touching distance of some great natural features, ancient culture and exotic backdrops. Oh and 4 bathrooms. And it’s great value too we think. Still if you’d rather save a bit more money we can’t beat building your mud villa from scratch.

Inspiration is great but we think the best ‘ation’ on a holiday is relaxation. And you’ll get it in bucketloads at Villa Kingfisher.

If you want to tell us about the wackiest holiday you’ve ever had, we’d love to hear from you folks!

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