When to book flights

We spotted an interesting feature produced by Skyscanner, the travel search engine, about the cost benefit of booking flights ahead rather than leaving things to the last minute. Whilst the optimum time ahead varies by destination they do suggest that 7 weeks is a good benchmark and in its table of the most popular holiday destinations it shows that possible savings of between  5% – 33% are possible. That’s not to be sniffed at.

Specific details for flights to Dalaman are scheduled to be addressed shortly so we’ve signed up to their advance notification and you might want to as well by following this link .

Meantime here’s some extra advice they offer from travel experts/bloggers which you might find useful:

Monica Stott of Thetravelhack.com fame recommends, “Be flexible! When booking search the ‘whole month’ rather than a specific date and you will find the cost of the flights for every day that month. You might be surprised how much you can save by flying out a day earlier.”

Flash Anthology’s Alice Tate advises, “My top savvy nuggets are to search by ‘Cheapest Month’ to get an idea of prices through the year. And as I tend to go at weekends and like to fly late on Friday night, I always use the sliders to make sure I’m only looking at Friday night flights rather than all day – it really does a great job of refining the search.”

Vicky Philpott, from VickyFlipFlopTravels.com explains, “The cheapest flight isn’t always the best value. Explore a few options to see whether baggage is built in, if food on board is included, whether they have free Wi-Fi and if the timings match with your local transport links. They can end up being a false economy if you don’t do your research.”

It makes us feel that there’s something in this thought:

do it

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