Angie….the return

We are delighted to tell you that our prize winner from earlier this year, Angie B, has re-booked for a fabulous family/friends holiday in 2018 because they loved being at Villa Kingfisher so much. Wey hey, that is just fantastic news. Eleanor and I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome the guys back. Thank you A!

Now here’s an interesting thing; after returning from her holiday earlier this year Angie passed a copy of a photo taken at sunset from our balcony area looking out over Kalkan bay to an artist friend of hers, Maria Pratt. Maria has taken that shot and turned it into a rather lovely painting as you can see here…

We love it, thank you Maria, and have very fond memories of our own of that delightful unforgettable scene.

We hope you enjoy it too and feel the need to maybe check out this link to check out more paintings on Maria’s FB site,,

and maybe also feel inspired to book some time yourself at Villa Kingfisher.

We’d love to hear from you.

H & E


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