The very best feedback….


Well we know the weather in the UK has been great this summer but it has been just glorious here in Kisla/Kalkan and the views are just stunning too as you can see above from our pool-side veranda.  It is lovely to see our guests have a fabulous stay at Villa Kingfisher and return to the UK not just inspired by the Turkish scenery, food and culture but also well-rested, relaxed and beautifully tanned. We’ve had some super feedback all season but perhaps the nicest compliment paid by our latest guests was that they’ve enjoyed their initial stay at VK so much, they have re-booked for 3 weeks next summer! This isn’t the first time this has happened – indeed it happens a lot (you’ll recall our prize winner Angie re-booked for a stay with her family this year too), but it really is the nicest way to say ‘we love it here’.

We are very touched and appreciate it so much.

2 thoughts on “The very best feedback….

  1. Hi
    I am pleased other people love it as much as we do.
    We cannot wait to go back. We are going with friends this year and am so excited to be showing them how beautiful the villa, views and Kalkan are.
    The countdown is on!!

    Angie xx

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