Welcome, or as they say in Turkey hoş geldiniz!, to our new website on Villa Kingfisher, our lovely home in Turkey which you can enjoy too.

We first visited Turkey 16 years ago and fell in love with the country and several years later we built our dream home overlooking the fabulous Kalkan bay.  Though we are now retired from our long term careers, we remain busy and can only visit 3 or 4 times a year. We are so lucky of course to be able to enjoy several breaks each year but our home really needs to be utilised more frequently and for several years we have enjoyed letting the property to some really nice people – families, couples, friends – and many have returned time and again, which is great.

To promote the villa we have used aggregator vacation rental sites which have proved helpful but they list hundreds of properties and with a standardised format it is difficult to create a sense of ‘stand-out’. So for ages we’ve been looking to produce our own site where we can provide a lot more detail about the villa itself, the outstanding attractions in the area and also some really helpful travel information, especially for the first time visitor to Turkey. We already have a fabulous local agent, Karyn, acting for us, who organises all sorts of things for our guests and we wanted to complement Karyn’s knowledge and capability with a really useful site. Our hope is that potential clients get to see us as offering not just a lovely villa with great facilities in a stunning location but also the distinctive added value of being the most friendly, accommodating and helpful hosts.

Well it’s up to you to judge that of course. We are launching the site immediately after Xmas 2015 and we shall be upgrading it on a continuing basis. For example once bookings pick up we will attach a calendar showing availability and with auto booking capability. But right now our bookings’ calendar is pretty open so do please get in touch via phone or email using the contact/enquriy box; ask us any questions and see how responsive we can be. We’d love to hear from you directly.

This blog post feature will be the place that we keep people updated with new offers, amenities, and general developments so keep in touch and check by regularly. But for now please enjoy having a look round the site and feel free to leave us any comments even if you don’t select Villa Kingfisher for your Turkish holiday experience. Your feedback would be invaluable.

We’d love to see you enjoying Villa Kingfisher in 2016.

Hugh & Eleanor



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