just go


Well here’s a funny thing, we’ve just produced 10,000 words on this website in an effort to entice you to Turkey. And then this evening we were working online when up popped this image on Pinterest which seemed to sum up in just two words what we we’ve been imploring you to do.  Love it.

Of course you’ll recognise it as one of those inspirational statements that Americans are so fond of and, if we were honest enough to admit it, rather good at. That said you do wonder whether the walls of the average home in the US are absolutely plastered with positive and motivational life quotes but what the heck, they do get to the point. Here are some more of the super images we found on Pinterest’s travel boards (which are great to browse, so go do) which we hope will  inspire you to want to say to your partner, hey let’s just book up a few days at Villa Kingfisher because all of these statements are so true…



And our personal favourite which just seems to sum up the attitude you need to go and enjoy the beauty of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, especially for the first time, is…


All you have to do is contact us to book up and enjoy our lovely home.

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