Visiting Fethiye

Our good friend and local agent Karyn emailed us to say that she’d had a lovely day out in the town of Fethiye. It’s a pretty town with a largeish harbour about an hour’s drive up the coast from Kalkan. There’s quite a lot to see and do in and around the town and it makes for a great day out when you’re on holiday at Villa Kingfisher. So we’ll do a fuller feature on the place and some other attractions on the newsblog later on.

But for now we thought we’d just mention a couple of the things Karyn reminded us of. Firstly the drive along the coast is quite delightful as you pass grove after grove of orange and lemon trees, and quite a few grapefruit trees too and incredibly they are still full of fruit…



And this is despite the fact that temperatures have cooled a little as you can see from the snow which is just falling on the tops of the soaring mountains in the distance, clearly visible on the drive up…

Snow capped mountains

But the best thing about the drive up, of course, is reaching Fethiye itself which was enjoying lovely bright sunshine earlier this week as Karyn strolled around the harbour complex and along the extensive promenade…

Fethiye harbour


You can just make out the white-peaked mountains in the background peeping behind the date palms.

One of the coolest things that Karyn reminded us to visit in Fethiye was the fish market! Er, now that may not sound terribly attractive until we explain that it is the custom here to browse around the various stalls displaying their fresh fish, choose what you want then tell them which of the surrounding eateries you wish to dine at and the chef will cook it for you as you want. Well, within reason. What about that eh!  It’s so quick and fresh that you’ll love this experience of a fab seafood lunch out we’re sure. This could be you …

Fabulous Fethiye fish market

More holiday days-out suggestions to follow folks.

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