Not so surprising perhaps…

Well we only came across this recently but do you know which location was voted the No 1 ‘Best Destination’ in the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice awards for 2016? And given that Tripadvisor is claimed to be the world’s largest travel website with nearly 400m unbiased traveller reviews, you’ve got to respect its opinion. Well the answer is London. Well as cities go it’s up there with the very best of course. But we’ve probably all been there haven’t we? But do you know which location was voted 2nd ‘Best Destination? It was Istanbul which didn’t surprise us as it’s a fabulous and exotic city. It’s one of the places you really must see before you die and after a few days visiting all the iconic places like the Grand Bazaar, the amazing and shimmering Blue Mosque and the discovering the secrets of the Topkapi Palace you’ll need a week to rest up. And where better to do it than beautiful and restful Villa Kingfisher? We reckon two-centre holidays which combine lots of unforgettable sight-seeing with utter peace and relaxation are just wonderful. Fill in the enquiry form and we’ll do our very best to help you plan a perfect Turkish adventure.

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