Fruit flavours


We have a number of lovely fruit trees/bushes in the garden – lemon, grapefruit and fig but undoubtedly our best established is the Turunç, Turkey’s local variant on the Seville orange which is at its best during this time of the year. It produces loads of fruit but unlike its sweet Spanish cousins our local fruit is intensely bitter in taste and not to be eaten off the tree, but it is not without its usability. You see, once cooked down, Turunç oranges produce the most delicious marmalade.

The intense flavor of the fruit complemented with sugar is manifested in a dish called “receli” that can be used as an ice cream topping or as fruit compote for an upside-down cake. For savory dishes it adds a slight tartness that contrasts well with the richness of, for example, duck. But it is most famously used to start the day as a dollop of turunç marmalade with a slice of hot buttered toast or croissant.  Together with a cup of coffee or tea, this has to be the perfect breakfast in these parts, especially for Brits.

And we are delighted that our lovely local agent Karyn likes nothing better than to collect the fruit and turn it into our very own Villa Kingfisher turunç marmalade which is provided as a small welcome gift for all our guests. Here’s a shot of Karyn’s latest batch….


We hope you enjoy your jar, with our compliments.

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